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Sharp Linearization


About Us

Digital Enhancement is founded in 2019, aiming to uplift the RF performance with its cutting edge digital technology. It provides the world's leading DFE solutions to re-shape the radio linearization performance for 5G base station, WiFi and mobile device etc to meet the evolving requirements of high-frequency, high-bandwidth, compact-size and low-power consumption.


The team consists of scientists and engineers specialising in mathematics, integrated circuits, software, and Radio Frequency. Currently, it has R&D centers in Finland, Hangzhou and Chengdu.

High Performance Radio

Digital Enhancement  provides the world's leading DFE (digital front end) solution. Through an unique and advanced CFR (Crest Factor Reduction) + DPD (digital predistortion) algorithm, it can significantly improve the key RF indicators such as bandwidth, linearity, efficiency and output of the power amplifier at low cost. We are committed to providing high-performance DFE solutions to customers such as power amplifier manufacturers, 5G base station manufacturers and mobile equipment manufacturers, which will greatly enhance product competitiveness and accelerate the development of new products.

Base Station

High-performance DFE module is a key factor for base station manufacturers to build the core competitive advantage

Test Platform

Powerful software and hardware test environment for power amplifier manufacturers to accelerate product development


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